Neck Orthotic, Inc. & The Posture Right® Neck Orthotic

Now there's an easier, cost-effective, safer way to help patients with:

Set the Curve. Stop Forward Head Posture.

It's the product that is revolutionizing cervical extension traction and receiving rave reviews across the globe. The Posture Right® by Neck Orthotic, Inc. is the curve that works, helping correct the loss of cervical curve and forward head posture. The Posture Right® is simple and it simply works for you and your patients.

The Posture Right® is unlike other neck-care products that are often expensive and cumbersome. The Posture Right® is an affordable and easy solution to many current neck-care products. Because of its light weight, easy adjustability and simple design, the Posture Right® encourages patients to participate in home traction care and take a more active role in cervical-curve correction.



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